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Photos by Ma'atology and King Yella

RIGHT:Guest host Young One got the comedy goin by imitating Bobcat Goldthwait, Mike Epps and Bernie Mac as well as joked about The Evening Whirl ("The Whirl is the only paper I know that got crime on the front and the clubs in the middle where you can be killed." ). LEFT: Up first was STL comic Lee man who joked about subjects like Prince's song, "Little Red Corvette" and the lyric "Trojans and some were used."

Some of the crowd at the first show that Saturday nite.

House of Comedy mainstay Matt Collins had it fired up as always joking about topics like driving with comic Lee Man ("I asked God, please let us get to where we are going. I won't steal again at Walmart." ); as his weight (Fried foods will give you a C cup" "You know you;re fat when you give directions by restaurants." )

A long shot of Collins on stage.

The highlight of Collins' set was when he brought a volunteer on stage named Carla to do his Guy bit.

When Guy's song, "Smile" played, he did a mini strip show for Carla.

....And exposed his red thong!" TMP

Comic Young One brought a volunteer on stage, but just to speak.

Headliner Roz G was side splittingly funny. She had them hollerin on topics like comparing going to the salon to a prison sentence, having hot flashes ("I'm going to stick my head in the freezer.")and bad sex with men ("I can't fuck men like the bitches in the pornos. Men want you to be a stunt dummy while they come to bed with salty balls.")

Roz also told the crowd because of the lack of men she was having that she was now bisexual and quipped, "I know yawl bitches in here have thought about it. If you see a woman on the highway having road rage and no cars around, solo, she need dick."

She also talked about her ob-gyn ("My OB/GYN got Parkinsons. I go to him even if there's nothin wrong." ), thongs (" My daughter bought me a thong and I thought it was a Scruncho and wore it on a ponytail"), white men ("White men will bury you at Krispy Kremes if you break up with them.")

She also told the crowd she used to be a crack addict, married to a Muslim, a prostitute and she was 20 years sober from drugs and currently lost 65 pounds. She also said that her sister had married a woman who she calls her "hersband." After revealing the aforementioned, she told her more well known jokes about snacks on the airplane ("Don't you get pissed if you go to sleep on the plane and miss the snacks? I get pissed off at the person next to me. Why didnt you wake me up? Do I look like I wanna miss some snacks?") and counseling ex-prostitutes to get back into the workforce ("Many tell me 'What do I put on my resume?' I tell them did you suck their dick and get fucked?' She said YES Well, "You can multi-task." )

Roz G with a fan signing CDs in the lobby.

Many of her fans thanked her for being honest and open with her comedy.

One of the waitresses at House of Comedy was celebrating her b-day that nite.

Roz and Collins. Roz said that she will tape an HBO special in April with brand new material.

The comics who performed that nite pose for a pic: Lee Man (front); Young One, Roz and Collins (back)

AFTER THE SHOW WE TRIED GETTING TO WASHINGTON AVE to get to the GRAND OPENING of THE FACTORY. IT TOOK ABOUT 20 minutes cuz of the brief tailgating in downtown after the NCAA wrestling tourney that was held at the Scott Trade Center. It was chaotic. One moment on 4th street during the brief tailgate going toward Washington, there was a guy who got out of a car and jumped on the side of a van and used his body as a human hydraulic to make the van go up and down!

FREE TIME members Adrian Saddler and Daryl Frierson at Factory. Their group along with Koncepts sponsored the grand opening of the new hot spot.

FREE TIME member Roy Robinson (center) got his bruh dawgz on with his frat brothers.

Model/actress Miss Lindsey was at the grand opening. If yawl recognize her, she can be seen briefly in the Casino Queen commercial (She is the one who gets excited after winning).

Stress Free Fridays' Mario Wayne and MarkAnthony Jones were all dapper for the nite. Wayne co-manages the new hot spot.

MPAC's Mo Spoon and Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings. Jennings co-manages The Factory with Mario Wayne.

Ken Joshway, promoter Ezekeil Obasi and Jones chillin up in the upstairs VIP area .

So Diverse beauties Jameelah E and Miss Patrice made an appearance.

Model Michelle Star was letting the crowd have it in this sexy lingerie-influenced pants ensem.

The event was hosted by 104.1 personality Boogie D.

And deejayed by DJ OK.

Saddler and Jones hammin it up on the dance floor as the crowd eggs them on.

Attendees Miss Sonja and Miss Melanie.

The cake of two of the partiers.

And here are the b-day girls.

Folk were gettin their dance and rub on up in therre!

Was it Kim Kardashian...or just her imitator? LOL

Folk gettin their network on in the upstairs VIP area.

Oen of the bar areas (If you look closely, you will see Mario Wayne mixin up some stuff.)


THE CROWD from the VIP point of view.

Also in the house were : Former Vashon coach Anthony Bonner, Koncepts Keith Harris, SYGU's Eddie Hollman and Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier, Alisha Wayne, videographer Dana Christian, fitness trainers Deanthony Moore and Malcolm Lee , attorneys Daniel Brown and Ryan Smith, Derrick Hibbler, and Mark Wilson.

Last Sunday, R&B singer Bobby Valentino dropped by Lush Nightclub for the weekly Sunday Night Shindig for a meet and greet. Here is posed with event host/creator Mocha Latte.

Loosecannon's Slim was in the house. (We heard that Slim was sportin some Mr Peabody meets Mars Blackmon black rimmed glasses. Ur ok. LOL)

Valentino arrived to Lush close to 1 AM Monday morning. Folks waited since the doors opened at 9 p.m. for his arrival.

Valentino signing autographs for fans. He also posed for pics as he is swarmed by Muscle For Hire Security.

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