Monday, April 06, 2009

OUT 588--OUT ON THE TOWN--SINETA's 30th B-DAY PARTY at F15TEEN April 3; HOUSE of COMEDY presents HUGGY LOWDOWN and CHRIS THOMAS Saturday Show April 4

Photos by Ma'atology The lovely Sineta Roker posed with her array of b-day cupcakes

...and her ice scupture

Guests included model Mr McClure and singer Aloha who arrived together. Hmmm.

Sineta and one of her guests.

"But what did I do, diva?" LOL

Guests at Sineta's party.

Traffic Award winning dee-jay, DJ Sno had it poppin on the 1s and 2s.

The fruit and veggie tray.

Some of the crowd

Also in attendance were St. Louis Post Pop Critic Kevin Johnson, Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson, photographer Lance Omar Thurman, and model Christian Cofield.

Veteran comic Chris Thomas had the crowd in stiches with his style of impersonations which included Obama, Jeffery Osborne, Mike Tyson and the crowd fave, Bernie Mac. Most of the impressions wer how each celebrity reacted when the DC sniper was on a shooting rampage a few years back.

Some of his of his non-impression jokes was if he was in jail, he wished he could be cripple cuz in order to "get him" they would have to catch him as he walked around like a cripple on stage.

He also said a joke about big girls. "Big girls always got something unique in frig, like rabbit."

Thomas said that he has met all of his baby mamas at 2:30 in the morning in the nightclubs. he also said he was glad to have been the first host of BET's first rap show, Rap City in the mid 1980s.

Next up was Huggy Bear Lowdown who was heeelarious!

He came out cuttin a rug! he also began his set by saying his famous line from the Tom Joyner Radio Show, "What's the deal pickles, is everything kosher?"

He was inventive in his verbal and physical comedy. One of his jokes was he saw a drive by shooter and passenger stop at a red light camera district area, and another was a car with huge rims (This SUVs rims were so big, I saw my whole car in them") He also said that he saw the bootleg of thw film "Notorious" and sae that Biggei was playe dby CarL Winslow (He also had to call out a bootlegger in the audience who was filming his show with their phone cam)> he also talked about slang words he hated ("thats wassup" "lil" and "gangster"). On 'Lil" he said that people use it when people are hating on others. he said, "People come up to me and said, 'I see you got a "lil' radio show now.' and he retorted by saying, "Yeah, I and I see that you still work at "Lil Caesar's." Another highlighted joke was he was going to create ball soap for men and call them Febreeze for These (holding his crotch). He ended his set by saying the STL was the "bammas of the night."

House of Comedy owner Dee Lee posing with Huggy after his show. As you see, he who doin his trademarked incognito pose.


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