Monday, April 20, 2009

OUT 596--JIMMELLE's B-DAY PARTY at POSH April 17, 2009

Photos by Ma'atology Former STL fashionista Jimmelle entering Posh for her b-day as she waves to her well wishers. She currently lives in Baltimotre (since October 2008) to manage four Urban Outfitters Stores.

The b-day cupcakes.

Some of the food.

RIGHT: Some of her guests to wish her well as St. Louis American Entertainment Editor Bill Beene.

Jimmelle always had a winning smile.

Jimelle with one of her longtime pals, fashion designer Skylar.

Jimmelle with one of her sisters.

Hugs and kisses!

Soem of the attendees were architect Anthony Robinson (left) and Four Seasons Massage Therapist Kamren Holbert (who made a special appearance to the event so OUTTOWN can now claim him no longer MIA. LOL)

Jimelle shares a moment with Katrina McCissick

What was up with the this
attendee giving Jimmelle
an "earie?"

Jimmelle gettin her party on!

.......................And on and on !

DJ OK and his boy on the 1s and 2s.

Jimmelle made an announcement to eveybody thanking eveyone for comin' to her party. It included family, friends and passersby.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Now it's back to party time!"

"Squishy squish!"

Err body just dance!

There's B Free's Teddy B. taking an overshot of the party people at the party.

It was extremely packed which isnt hard to do cuz of the small sqaure footage of the spot.

More of the crowd.

Also in the crowd was Nelly's manager Tony Davis, former Vashon instructor/NBA's Anthony Bonner, Stress Free's MarkAnthony Jones and Miss Jackie.

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