Monday, April 20, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology, courtesy of of Sheriane Gilliam (first pic), (second pic) and courtesy of Maria Wilson (next three pics)
YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins pose for a flick with Power Stiletto's Sheriane Gilliam at FreeTime's event Backstage Pass at Reggie's Backstage Saturday.

Also at FreetIme's event, YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins also had taken a pic with Stress Free Friday's Mark Anthony Jones and Lindenwood Olympic weightlifting coach Derrick Johnson at Reggie's Backstage. See what else was goin at this event down below!

Hoodstar Mocha Latte (left) trekked to Memphis last weekend to kick it with two of her STL homegirls including 80s Baby promoter/House of Comedy assistant Maria Wilson (right). They attended an NBA party that was attended by several NBA players and entertainers. One of the entertainers was former Pretty Rickey member Pleasure P (middle).

Latte, Wilson and the secind homegirl model Shena J, who was in a serious stage of intoxicated bliss.....

....who was drankin Moet like WA-TAH. LOL

Meanwhile, in the STL, OUTCAM went to FreeTime's event Backstage Pass that was held at Reggie's Backstage on Grand across from the Fox Theatre.

The FreeTime guys in their famous stance: Adrian Saddler, Daryl Freirson and Roy Robinson Jr.

The music was DJd by Reminise (left) and the event was hosted by rapper/producer Vandalyzm (right)

Poet Corey Black clownin on the dance floor as Vandalyzm looks on with a laugh.

Da Buff Boyz: Swift Printing's Brian Swift and Fox 2 Sports' Rob Desir

Vandalyzm on the mike

"Party over here! party over there!"

Attendees Derrick Johnson, Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones, Deanna Carroll (who was also celebrating her b-day) and Exo co-owner/1st Friday's Fred Finley. Guess which one of these socialites will get their clown on later on in the pics below?

Sexy socialite Power Stiletto's/Radio One Sheraine Gilliam sporting a new do.

Vandalyzm was sweatin' it out !

....and gettin his groove on!

SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier came through chillin at DJ Reminise's dee-jay area.

The FreeTime guys had their own area for their drank on.

Grip, Pour and Sip!

Robinson led the party on the dance floor.

Frierson in "conversate" mode.

And who was the attendee who was gettin their clown on?

Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones with a sista at the party .

...til the point it was time for Jones to do his infamous Crown Royal Dance!

And the sista to sit on him! LOL

...and Vandalyzm joinin' Jones and the sista with the clownin.

Michelle Robinson and Miss Michelle came through for Deanna Carroll's b-day celebration.

The crowd.

Saddler tryin to get a drink up in the spot.

"OK, I'll get to ya."

Party people as b-day girl Deanna Carroll looks on.

A shot of the Fox Theatre from inside Reggie's. People were leaving the sold out play "Riverdance" that was letting out of the theatre.

Another party was there for someone's b-day. (What wassup with the finger signs from homeboy in the blue shirt?LOL)

"Awwwwww, naw girl. I am fabulous."

Folk all smudged together gettin their party on.

And their camera time (Check out the sista in the brown dress. LOL)

Hands in the ayer! Ayer!

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