Monday, April 27, 2009


THERE'S YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with Evening Whirl columnist/ EW colleague Harlem B taking a pic at FREETIME's Groove Theory at Exo last Thursday. Check out where else the OUTCAM was from pics below!
Photos by Ma'atology and Jay Bailey of the Evening Whirl (above pic) The illustrious stage curtain for St. Louis Magazine's Spring Fever Fashion Show produced by Cadillac.

The crowd networking and socializing.

One of the food sampling vendors at the event

The actual vendor

Folk at the main bar.

From upstairs.

The runway from upstairs.

One of the food sampling vendors upstairs.

All of the rolls.

A shot of the ceiling that had the magazine logo projected on it.

Folk upstairs.

Folk upstairs socializing.

Upstairs they had free Rum cocktails.

People gettin' their seats for the show.

Show me Nights TV personality Emily Clark struttin her stuff on the runway during her coverage of the show.

Looks like Donnybrook personality Ray Hartmann is waiting anxiously for the show to start. LOL.

Therre's Jazz at the Bistro exec director Gene Dobbs Bradford (right) talkin with guests.

Spitflix videographer Dana Christian (right) takin a break in filming to socialize with some of the guests.

Attendees St. Louis Post Dispatch fashion editor Debra Bass and model Christian Cofield.

St. Louis Magazine Style Editor Nicole Benoist Edgerton welcomed everyone for coming to the show.

The spring fashions were brought by Nordstrom

After the show, it was back to socializing. Music was provided by DJ Andrew.

Later on that evening, we checked out FREETIME's Groove Theory that was guest hosted by LME.

Back from promotion hibernation, LME's Otto Nichols and Tim Slater guest hosted the evening. Slater hyped up the crowd on the mike that evening (As you will see later on in the pics) . They were there to also promote their Summer reign II Cruise event at the Lake of the Ozarks in July.

Major Brands was the alcohol sponsor of the event as its proprietor Tre Williams holds up the bottle of 1800 for the OUTCAM as his helpers poured samples of the drink.

Slater on the mike.

Also in attendance were Miata Lewis and Teddy B of B Free Paparazzi.

Power Stiletto/Radio One's Sheraine Gilliam and Mr. Marvin also came through.

Flawlez Ent's Tobi Colls and Porsche Kemp. They were there to promote its weekly Saturday event Day Party at Escalades.

DJ Reminise was on the 1s and 2s spinning the crowd's requests which were emailed to LME in advance. The songs were hip-hop /R&B songs from the 1990s.

Is theat Chilli from TLC with sociallies Corey Helms (left) and 3 Way Promotions Big Tah (right). No, actually its socialite Shavonne Webb.

Helms and Miss Felice.

Miss Felice and Earl Dockett (sans the hair. LOL)

Party people in the house. Also in the house were David Blair, Kim Jordan, Ken Joshway, photographers Maurice Young and Ken Jordan, Miss Dionne, Roy Robinson and Daryl Freirson of FREETIME, promoter Martina Parker, SYGU's Eddie Holman and Rhashad Whittier to name a few. Also, Utah Jazz beat the Lakers in the Western Division Playoffs that nite, too. LOL

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