Monday, April 13, 2009

OUT 593--OUT ON THE TOWN: Kyjuan's b-day party at Skybox; SOUL U presents SOULACE at NUBIA April 11

Photos by King Yella (first three) and Ma'atology
Kyjuan (second from left) with his well wishers at his Born Dy party at Skybox: rapper Chocolate Ti, St .Lunatic member City Spud, Derrty ENT assistant Mousie and Skybox co-owner/superstar rapper/mogul Nelly (No, Ashanti was not there).

Loosecannon's Slim and City Spud pose for a flick.

Also there was the lovely singer Aloha and America's Next Top Model STL representative Shanell Howard (Hmm, we wonder if she's in the house or not?)

Soul U was puttin it down with spoken word at their monthly event Soulace at Nubia Cafe on Delmar. Its host was co-creator Brandon Xplicit Thornton.

The first poet we saw was Exo assistant Diversity , who was a crowd pleaser.

As you see from the pic.

Next was Brotha Tim who had a line in his poem: "Blunts are like children, everybody don't need them."

Comic Friendly had them in stitches. One of his jokes was, "May we please have a moment of silence for the Northwest Plaza." Then said a joke that his lady wanted 1o inches. He said, "Well, I will give you 5 inches today and then I'll give you 5 inches tomorrow." LOL

Xplicit on the sidelines takin a toke of the 'Ken. LOl

Saxophonist Rhoda G. did a her version of Jazmine Sullivan's "Lions, Tigers and Bears."

Oh Myy personality/plus model Big Max was in the crowd.

The highlight of the night was erotic poet Mocha who dedicated her first poem...

 Soulace co-creator DJ 76 Kid (on left). One of her lines of her first piece said, "You got one of those faces that makes me wanna sit on."

...and his reaction was priceless!

For her second piece, she called up a volunteer from the crowd, which was one of the featured poets, Fire Poet

She was givin it to him...poem wise tellin him what she would do to it causing him to take off clothing. (It was heeeeelarious, as you will see later on in the pics!)

He was gettin so aroused that he had to put his jacket on top of his lap! LOL

Mocha whipped out some handcuffs and placed them on his lap!

Then she whipped out some Victioria Secrets panties (Not hers! LOL) and them on his shoulder.

He put them on his head! LOL

Xplicit also performed.

A long shot of Xplicit performing.

Fire Poet said before he performed that he had to go to the restroom to "take care of himself." TMP! One of the lines of his poem was, "I made love to her so many times, she was leakin."

Soulstage host/Poet Abbey also performed. One of the lines of his poems was, "America is fuckin us up with ignorance."

Poet Ill Thoughts started off his piece saying, "This is not a poem, this is an interlude."

Comic Arvin Mitchell did a surprise performance that nite. He was off the wall as always. One of his jokes was, "I love women with stretch marks. They're like lightning." LOL

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