Monday, April 13, 2009

OUT 592--OUT ON THE TOWN--SFF at SLEEK, YEMI bday at Cielo's, Kyjuan b-day party at Lush

Photos by Ma'atology and King Yella (first pic)
St. Lunatics member Kyjuan poses with his many born-day well wishers at Lush Nightclub last Friday during his b-day weekend last weekend. In addition to Kyjuan's party pics, check out below the other b-day celebrations and events we attended last Friday!

We started off checking out the debut of Soul Stylz weekly networking event "Beautiful" held at Sleek in Lumiere Place. Stress Free Fridays help launch the event with Soul Stylz. Pictured are Stress Free Friday creators Mario Wayne and MarkAnthony Jones and Soul Stylz creator Cornell Boone and member Jamie Spencer.

Guests included Tonya Jones and 4246's Anthony Robinson.

Miss Stephanie gave out prizes to raffle winners.

B-day sista Dawn Brasco (middle on left side) with some of her well wishers at Sleek.

Others in the house were Ingrid Owens, Ray Hills' Stephen Bruce, Pro weightlifter Derrick Johnson, fashion stylist Craig Minter and model Ali Moseia.

After Sleek, we crept up to the elevator to the 8th floor to Cielo's Bar and Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel to wish b-day brotha Yemi Adewunmi (right). Here, he's pictured with well wisher Miss Dionne. Oh, and Yemi was tossin 'dem Rum and Cokes like it was water on a parched tongue! LOL.

Later that nite, we checked out Loose Cannon's Kyjuan's FREE ALL NITE Green B-day party at a special edition of Monopoly's Best Damned Fridays Period. Pictured is Kyjyan with three lovely well wishers.

Some of the crowd.

The sista on the green shoes had the floor crunk!

...and must had magic underneath them cuz...

...the blue neon light shown from underneath them, LOL

One of the co-hosts was Hoodstar/Monopoly's Mocha Latte. She is looking over the crowd from the newly constructed VIP booth. She took over the mike from midnite to close. Prior to Latte, 104.1's Boogie D hosted.


More crowd (Click on the pic and check out homeboy's shirt who's standing in the middle of the crowd. Heeeeeeelarious!)

Big Kenny flanked by two lovelies.

Imperial Events' Melca Wilson (left)and Ezekeil (second from left)Obasi with two of their models who will be featured in the promotion's company's Touch Me Hair and Fashion Show at the Venue April 24

A long side angle shot of Mocha Latte hosting in the VIP booth.

Folk were gettin their party on (If you clock on this pic, you will see what homegirl with her arms raised is smoking that is also in her pocket!)

A shot of event photographer Warren Nichols taking a shot of the crowd.

Mr Celtic.

STL producer Vice and Lush assistant Booker T chillin in the dee-jay booth.

Kyjuan arrived at Lush about midnite as well wishers show him STL love.

We C U!

Kyjuan and his born-dayladies.

"Baby, what is it that you need? I got you!." LOL

NOTE: This event was an interesting not cuz of the event but cuz of another event that took place at the same time. According to a source, a competing event at the Eye Candy Appreciation Party, another free event, that was held at the Skybox had a long long line of people coming through. What's interesting is, many of those in line and inside , had on green. Hmmm. Come to find out, many people at Skybox thought Kyjuan's party was held there on that nite (actually his party at Skybox was going to be that Saturday). One explanation was the folk may have mistook what they heard on the radio ad for the parties and thought Kyjuan's party at Skybox was Friday nite. In the end, everybody won, cuz not only did Kyjyan show up at his scheduled party at Lush but he came through Skybox and partied with the well wishers there as well.

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