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OUT 590--100.3THE BEAT presents DAY26 CD CONCERT at THE VENUE--April 9, 2009

Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF PHOTO TAKING)
Posted fliers of the band Day26. The group was in town last Thursday at the Venue in Wellston to perform a private concert sponsored by 100.3 The Beat. The boy band was on a nationwide promotional tour to promote the release of their sophomore release, "Forever In A Day" that was released April 14.

Those who came through to the private event entered a contest at 100.3 The Beat for free tickets
RIGHT: "Excuse me, sista, is this seat taken?"

The Venue owner Samson (left) talkin with an attendee before the concert.

About 500 came out to the concert.

LEFT: Hmmm, we guess the young lady on the right was tellin us what she really is into. LOL

RIGHT: 100.3the Beat's Hypeman Dwight Stone was hosting and taking pics of folk throughout the event.

....and Stone tried takin a pic of YOURS TRULY as I OUTCAMmed him. LOL

People in the VIP section of the club.

Clear Channel personalities DJ Quinn (of 100.3 The Beat) who co-hosted the concert and Selena J (of Majic 104.9).

On stage, Quinn asked all the ladies to come near the stage for their Day26 gents.

Day26 members Que, Big Mike, Brian, Robert (Willie not seen in pic but he was next to Robert) entering the stage (Check out the sista in the rear of the stage takin their pic). When they appeared on stage, the ladies went screaming wild.

....and throughout their 30 minute six song set. The first song they sang was "Exclusive" from their debut 2008 eponymous CD.

Day26 member Robert was decked out in a fly custom- made applique leather jacket

Other songs they sang included their hits, "Got Me Going" and "Since U Been Gone."

Day26 member Willie was the popular one of the group (As you will see later ion the pics.)

Robert and member Brian in song mode.

Willie was giving the ladies an LL vibe.

Brian was pumpin up the energy (and the freshly done cornrolls. LOL)

Robert gave them the smooth.

They both gave heart and soul.

Day26 in tight dance syncopation. They closed their set with their newest single, "Imma Put it On Her" from their CD "Forever in a Day."

Later in their show, Day26 member Willie decided to give the ladies some chest and abs action.

And the ladies responded with touchy feely-ness!

We were wondering if livewire Que was going to even appear especially after the last few episodes of the MTV reality show Making the Band 4 when Que was nearly kicked out of the group after the group's verbal and physical altercation.

Who knew Willie was tatted up like that!

This sista had no shame in her game as she got her free feel on the group (especially Willie as you can see in this pic) as though she was at a Body Blast show!

After the show, the group chilled in VIP with fans. This fan (center) directed Que and his lady, Danity Kane member Dawn (in glasses) to look over to where a camera was to get their pic taken.

The ladies loved snapping pics with Willie as you can see.

It was like they were the young black Beatles up in there as far as the fanatic atmosphere to meet the band.

Willie and Brian were all smiles with their fans up in VIP.

Brian signing autographs for fans.

Big Mike, Bad Boy rep Dwayne Randle, Stone and D Stone's wife, Elise in VIP.

Big Mike gettin some fan action in VIP.

 well as Robert

"My, you look much handsomer in person."

Swagga Magazine were on the scene filming the show.

Some of the libations that Day26 was partaking in VIP.

Some of the many fans who were outside of VIP lookin in.

NOTE: The doors of the event opened at 9 p.m. It was quite rainy and stormy, but that didnt stop Day26 fans from coming out. The group got on stage at 11 ish, then did a meet and greet up in VIP (Yes, even as a private event there was VIP. LOL). In VIP, we spotted STL rapper Rucka Puff, club owner Craig Spruills and rapper Young Ro.
Oh and big ups to Clear Channels' Nick Bruns and The Venue security team for hooking OUTTOWN up!

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