Monday, April 27, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF CAM APPEARANCE)
The house band at sound check.

Cafe Soul co-creator/host Coco Soul in spring sexy mode.

The guest dee-jay was 104.1's Boogie D.

Featured Cafe Soul singer CJ Conrad surrounded by some of his supporters.

Coco Soul on stage. She announced to the crowd that she will be opening up for R&B band, Mint Condition at the Pageant May 30 and before the show, there will be a Happy Hour set at the adjacent venue Halo Bar with to celebrate Cafe Soul's 3 year anniversary. Then , she sang, Jill Scott's "It's Love" to open the show.

She also introduced the band which included guitarist Wildmann.

Coco in singin mode.

The diverse crowd.

Love this shot of the full-figured sista.

More of the crowd.

Mr. Ed changed the pace as he did a cover of the Larry Graham instrumental, "The Jam." Instead of singing....

He played each of the band's instruments starting with the keyboards.

Next up was the guitar.

Then he tore up the skins.

Just when he was about to ask Wildmann to play his bass, his time had ran out.

Next up was singer Theresa Payne who sang the song, "Don't Give Up," from her new CD, "
Go, Fight, Win."

Next was Jamie Spencer who sang John Legend's "And Again," fumbles and all. LOL.

Next was a poem by poet Sir Alexander entitled, "I'm Humbled."

Then was returning Cafe Soul singer Alicia Renee who sang, "Fever"

And guess who was in the crowd while Alicia was singing?

....................first time attendee, our tax man Joshua Beeks. LOL (Thanks for the Corona.)

Next up was Inappropriate Behavior 9who performed Friday nite at Touch Me Hair and Body Paint Show at the Venue) who sang two songs. The first was, "You got the Twista."

The second, "I Know I'm Cute."

Next was Cafe Soul fave Finish The Lyrics where two contestants try to finish up the lyrics to an R&B or hip-hop song. The prize was two free tickets to the Mint Condition show at the Pageant. The first two contestants were Hope (left) and Landis (right). A funny moment occurred when Landis picked a hip-hop song and didn't know the lyrics and replied, "Look I'm 38 years old, I'm grown ass man."

Hope won!

The next round was Kanika and Chris.

Kanika won!

Boogie D on the 1s and 2s during intermission.

The crowd from upstairs P.O.V.

Crowd members at the patio.

Spencer and a colleague.

Featured artist CJ Conrad started off his set with the Stylistics cover, "People Make the World Go Round."

...then a cover of the Donny Hathaway song, "Someday We'll All Be Free."

Next were original songs including "You Should Know by Now" and "I Choose Love."

During hsi set. conrad confessed that he gets better love singing secular music than gospel music when it coem sto aduiences. He also said that he is still working on his debut CD, "For The Broken and the Mending." He ended his set singing the inspirational song, "It Wont be Like This"

Next was Mr. Ed's wife, Kiwi singing, Jill Scott's "He Loves me."

Veteran poet Floyd Boykin also performed

He brought back the reading poet.

Before the OUTCAM left out, we caught some of teh Fury's performance. They sang Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster."

The Fury's lead singer, Charisse Swan in her zone.


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