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Photos by Ma'atology

A table tent advertising two special drinks commemorating the Ginuwine concert.

100.3 The Beat's DJ Quinn (right) had it poppin on the 1s and 2s crankin out the latest hip-hop songs.

100.3 The Beat personality Hypeman Dwight Stone addressed the crowd (Much love for the shout out on the OUTCAM and the gun show. LOL)

100.3 The Beat personality Kiki the 1st Lady also was in attendance.

It was jammed packed up in the Loft. In attendance were the Post's Kevin Johnson (in gray hat and model Christian Coffield (bald head).

Before the show, there was a meet and greet for lucky ladies to meet Ginuwine in the VIP Lounge at Loft.( Can you spot wherr he is in this pic?)

Cheese! Ira Dewitt of Notifi Music takes a pic with her signee, Ginuwine. Ginuwine signed with Notifi Music in late 2008 and recorded most of his new CD, "A Man's Thoughts" in St. Louis.

The ladies were surprisingly cool when they met the sexy singer and no screamin groupies.

Many hugs, but no kisses or freak a deak. LOL/

Ginuwine with two fans takin pics.

The lady on the left wanted Ginuwine to talk to her girlfriend from her cell phone. LOL.

Ginwuine enjoyin the crowd.

The ladies had to wait in the hallway to meet Ginwuine one at a time.

Clear Channel personality Mischelae takes a pic with Stone at the
meet and greet.

Notifi Music' s Oli (right) and
Ginuwine in conversation mode.
Oli, who was one of the opening
acts that nite, has recorded a
few tracks on Ginuwine's new CD.

Mr. Kenny (left) was the drummer in
Ginuwine's band that nite as his
older brother, STL guitarist Wildmann
came through to support him.

First up was dance
group Varsity.

Although they lip synched,
their 15 minute set was
energetic with their hip-hop
pop lockin'.

One of the songs they performed
was "Nice N Slow."

A member of the group serenades
the ladies.

Next up was Notifi Music recording
artist rapper Ms. Bee who had her
own hypeman (more like freak
man. LOL)

Her 15 minute set included her
performing, "He Loves my Hot."

Oli joined Ms. Bee
on stage.

Oli performed his song, "Send Me an Angel."

Oli also performed a cover of Jodeci's
"Come and Talk to me."

His hypeman Sleek and a hype
dancer joined him on stage for
the songs, "Havin My Baby,"
and "Sex You Up."


He walked on stage as the
band performed a
Carribbean styled intro to
his 30 minute "unplugged" set.

He performed one of his older
sings, "So Anxious."

The ladies screemd from
beginning to end while Ginuwine
was on stage.

Ginuwine and his background singers

The ladies loved Ginuwine (or
as the ladies call him
GinuFINE) . Ginuwine asked
the ladies in the crowd, "How
many ladies really love me?
"That question caused the
ladies to erupt in a frenzy of
screams. Then he said, "I
just signed to an STL based
label called Notifui Music . Shout out to (CEO) Ira DeWitt. STL is like
my second home. Ive been here since September. I'm going to carry
the torch. "

He then said, "How many people really know me?" then , more screams and
shouts from the ladies. Then he
said, "I'm gonna do something from
the 1st album (The Bachelor)."
He did an ac capello version of "I'd do Anything/Please Forgive a G."

The massive crowd. It was about 500 who attended.

Ginuwine said, "It's been four years
since my last album. I'm going to
bring back the love songs that's
been mssing in R&B songs. "

He then sang "One Time for Love,"
from his latest CD" A Man's Thoughts."

A shot of Ginuwine' s kicks and the panties that were thrown onstage. LOL

We think those were panties. LOL

Ginwuine also got in raunch mode when he said, "U know, I feel like a freak right now." which caused many of the ladies begging for him to take his shirt off (which he didn't). He then segued into, a cover fo Silk's "Freak Me."

He also did a snippet of his hit,
"In Those Jeans." as the ladies
sang along with him.

He also let the crowd sing along.
Before he sang his last song, he told
the crowd that he was coming back to perform in July with an all live show
with his band. Then the ladies started chanting, "Sing 'Pony'." Then, one of his background singers said, "Fellas out there, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me, 'Ladies, I love you .' Now, if your man can't say that, something is wrong ." Then Ginuwine said, "I will never mislead you ladies, or deceive you. Wherever you wanna be kissed, I will kiss you. Where you wanna be held, I will hold you. Where you wanna get ate, I will eat you (which caused the most screams from the ladies) and if you want me to sex you, I will sex you. After his mack, he sang his current hit, "My Last Chance." He also gave his band
a minute of spotlight before he ended his show.

Ginuwine and his background singers take a bow.

He gave the ladies a peace a love sign before leaving the stage.

NOTE: When we were heading out and to our car (we were parked in front of the Notifi Music van) , we overeard some hoochie sista goin to her car withher girlfriend. The hoochie sista was talkin on her cell phone and said, "Hell yeah I touched his dick." She was referring to her chance to feel on Ginuwine's"member" when he was on stage. TMP.

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