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OUT 595--SOLANGE at WEBSTER U and LUSH April 17, 2009

Photos by Ma'atology and King Yella (bottom four pics )

A poster advertising the Solange concert (RIGHT) and the CD jacket of Teresa Jenee's CD.

Singer CJ Conrad and VAE's Vanita Applebum (lovin the hair!)at the Teresa Jenee CD booth. Applebum's company booked Jenee to be the opening act for Solange.

Conrad assisted in pepping up Jenee's CD for public sale.

Jenee and one of her producers Webster U student, Blake Symphony at sound check.

The band at sound check.

"I used to change your diapers, sweetie." LOL Applebum saying hello to some of the attendees before the show.

Singer Theresa Payne, guitarist Wildmann, Applebum and Jenee in the backstage area. Wildmann was part of Jenee's band at the concert.

There's soon-to-be-hitched SYGU's Eddie Holman flanked with friends Natasha McClendon (left) and Helena Brown (right)

Jenee all changed in her performance outfit and minutes from opening up the concert.

Folk signing up on Jenee's fan club list (Is lil bit on the right 'spose to be dressed up as Jen, the singing detective from the 80s cartoon? lol)

Blake Symphony addressing the crowd.

The crowd as it awaits the concert.

Jeness's 30 minute set was very energetic, lively and spiritual.

Jenee performed songs off her CD including , "Freedom."

Jenee and Wildmann in jam mode.

Jenee in close up range and in blue light. She also sang, "Break My Heart."

Jenee's backup girls, The Jenettes.

Jenee also performed at the keys. She did one of her famous songs, "In Your Eyes" as well as "Til the End of Time."

Jenee torchin it up.

Love this pic. Jenee with the Jenettes and Mr. Al.

The crowd was clenched in Jenee's set.

Wildmann getting his moment on stage.

Jenee closed her show with her inspirational song, "Pushin." She explained to the crowd that the song was done on a whim and has two versions produced by two of the members of the concert band, one being Wildmann. She
prefaced her song with a "pastoring" mostly with the encouraging words of the despair that may be going on in one's life and what one may be going through in life, you gotta keep pushin.

Jenee was enthralled in her message.

"Keep on pushin!"

Jenee after her set preparing to sign copies of her CD at her booth.

Jenee with some of her fans who bought her CD.

After a 20 minute break, it was time for headliner, Solange.

Her all-white male band dressed in pink velvet suits started out with a rift from , "Theme from Shaft," then her two backyup singers sashayed up to the stage, then one heard Solange's voice in the background saying, "Lose all your troubles. This is real music." Next, she walked up on stage with her band to jam up songs from her latest CD, "Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams."

She performed songs including, "Disco Sandcastle."

Her look could be described as urban rock chic.

Even through a few technical difficulties with her sound on the mike (and the technicians working diligently with her mike pack ) Solange held her own on stage.

She told the lighting director, "Dim the lights. I wanna see the people, too."

Solange also performed a rocked out rendition of No Doubt's "Love Me," showcasing her influences of dance rock music.

Solange gettin into the pulse of the moment.

Solange connected with her fans...

 well as her band members...

A shot from the crowd P.O.V.

The crowd enjoyin the concert.

Solange and her backup girls in Supremes hand gesture mode.

Solange also performed "Cosmic Journey" from her "Sol-Angel" CD.

Solange in a close up (Check out the orange punk rock eye makeup).

Based on her fans reaction at the concert, Solange was a hit.

A long shot of the concert stage.

NOTE: We left midway during Solange's set to attend Jimmelle's b-day party (SEE OUT 596), but from what we gathered , it was about 300 ish who attended the concert (and we are sure Solange performed her hit, "I Decided,"too. LOL)

LATER ON THAT NITE...................

Solange made an appearance at Lush during Monopoly Promotions Best Damned Fridays Period. The event was produced by LooseCannon. Here, she is posed with its co-host/Best Damned creator Mocha Latte (Is it us or could Mocha and Solange pass as kinfolk. LOL)

Solange upstairs in VIP gettin her party on. We heard that she requested the dee-jay to play all music artists from New Orleans.

100.3 The Beat's Dj Quinn with Brookyln rapper Maino, who put out the rap tune "Hi Hater" last year.

The crowd at Lush.

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